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IBIY Bracelets

Now the product itself is also amazing. It’s fashionable, it’s versatile, but more importantly, it’s purposeful. These bands can be used as a bracelet, an anklet, and a hair tie.  Every single bracelet is reversible with two unique designs for multiple style options.

You buy these bracelets to give them away. You can take off your bracelet that says “I believe in you” and share that with someone else.  The bracelets can be used in a million different scenarios.  From the most negative situation to the most positive, and everything in between.  It’s about accomplishing, overcoming, and connecting.  Someone could have just lost their job that day and you happen to run into them. A complete stranger could be sitting next to you and you can tell they are upset, or maybe someone just landed their first role as an actor/actress/musician/etc.  These are all opportunities to express and to share the love with these bracelets.  It’s about empowering the human next to you.  It’s about encouraging them in the direction they need, at the moment they need it, no matter what it is.  So, not only will this interaction and exchange of the bracelets change the course of the day for the person you are giving it to, but it will change the course of your day as well.  This bracelet could change someone’s day, someone’s week, someone’s year or this bracelet could potentially change someone’s entire life.  There are billions of stories and we want to know yours.

The APP that is used with the NFC chip will be launched soon! They are currently in the beta phase right now. The NFC chip is actually waterproof! As soon as the app is launched, all the bracelets will be activated and ready to sync with the app.


– Women’s/Youth: (160*12.7mm)

– Adult: (180*12.7mm)

– Extra Large: (200*12.7mm)